*Photo courtesy of Michal Augustini

Harry Harding is a drummer and multi-instrumentalist based in the south west of England.

He specialises in drum kit and percussion but is also a producer, teacher, singer and songwriter for numerous projects. His contribution to the music scene in the Southwest has built him a reputation as one of the area’s most sought after musicians.

Starting with drums at the age of 7, Harry Harding quickly fell in love with the art. Being a music lover from a very early age, his thirst for musical knowledge became his focal point. He went on to study Music, where he flourished.  Throughout his studies he became involved in musical groups, exploring different genres and finding his feet in a variety of ensemble environments.  This became a full-time job thanks to his ability to fit into genres and play appropriately for the song. He was also able to hone his arrangement skills, helping with the production and song writing roles.

Harry’s insatiable desire to learn about all aspects of music both rhythmic and melodic makes him a prime candidate for many solo artists who need an outside influence for their music. His exploration into the mechanics of the art led him to create his own recording and production facility, HCH Studios. Based in Brislington, Bristol, the studio is a creative space for artists to come and realise their creative visions.

He is the drummer in the band William the Conqueror.